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You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams, Legendary American Photographer & Visionary

In early teenage, I experienced the sheer power behind these powerful words. At an early age when my friends had just about learned what a camera does, I had already started choosing my subjects, experimenting with cameras & shooting angles and pondering sharply on lighting and locations.

MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPH, CLICKED when I was 14 years of age, was a complex blend of composition, location, lighting and the subject’s importance. Truly speaking, this ability was in my blood by birth as my family comprises renowned photographers.

Born in 1970, I grew up with a passion for photography and then pursued a qualifying degree in Applied Arts (Photography) in the year 1989-90. After graduation, a career into photography was the prime mission for me and henceforth commenced my professional photography career in the year1992-93. Thanks to my rich talent lineage, I enjoyed a HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE with a string of cameras available to me. So intense was my passion that in 2004, when the world was raving about Digital Small Format Cameras (35mm) I had already started experimenting with MEDIUM FORMAT HAZEL BLADE H1 CAMERAS OF 10.1 MEGAPIXELS.

I always believe that a good photograph is worth a thousand words and a person’s work speaks much more than his words. Which is why, despite working with more than 160 designers and agencies across the country, I am nevertheless grounded.

Being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I constantly strive to better myself. It is my belief that my open mind has enabled me to maintain good working relationships, healthy partnerships and smooth associations with people over the last two decades.

At the end of it all, I am firmly convinced that WHAT MATTERS IS THE QUALITY OF THE WORK, NOT THE BRAND. In view of this, I relentlessly endeavour to prove that good, honest work will inevitably be noticed and appreciated. Thus, every photograph I have ever shot contains every drop of blood, sweat and tear that my body possesses. Despite being BASED AT AHMEDABAD, I see the glass half-full, because I believe that my work will draw people to me. I ardently hope that you too, will recognize the potential, commitment and enthusiasm bubbling within my soul.

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